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In Spain, Guapa literally describes a woman who is very attractive but it there is more depth to the meaning. She’s got that indescribable “IT” or “WOW” factor about her.

Guapa is a woman who

...is confident and interesting and has a special allure that only she possesses

...attracts people to her with her inner beauty and personality

...is often the center of conversation and attention

...has her own expressive, unconventional and effortless style

...dresses for her own enjoyment

...is usually a fashion leader rather than follower of the pack

...appreciates unexpected and often quirky combinations of art and fashion

...finds accessories that not only get noticed but makes her laugh and people smile!

...is on quirky, funny and lighthearted in her approach to her everyday life

Guapa also a way to describe this incredible collection of artistic and designer accessories.

...witty combinations colors, textures and materials

...off beat and unique designs



...with Guapa collections you will transform a simple outfit in something conversational or different ...

Isabelle, Owner of GUAPA

I’ve always had an eye for unique fashion. Ever since I was a child, I was attracted to beauty and color and early on developed a knack for finding great out-of-the-ordinary accessories--and the more unusual the better as far as I was concerned.

I loved experimenting with accessorizing and playing with fashion combinations for myself and my customers! I help them using their own wardrobe in a different way...

Something about me: ...il savait qu'elle etait de ces femmes qui ne disent jamais "oui" a la légère 

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